About Us

Established in 1993

Lotus For Food Industries

established on the basis of experience inherited through generations, with the participation of experts in the fields of agricultural investment and food industries for more than forty years, to become one of the largest companies specialized in the field of manufacturing and sifting the processing of grains, seeds and nuts.

Development. Creativity. Trust.

And the first production idea began in 1993 with the desire of its founders to manufacture chocolate products, crackers and pastries

that serve the field in a new and different way and with the best quality at all by using the best equipment and production lines and by employing people with experience and competencies in the field of food production to produce a distinguished group of products that It won the admiration of most customers and gourmets of all ages in Egypt and all countries of the Middle East.

Our Vision

is to develop the concept of chocolate, snacks and crackers industry and upgrade it to provide all that is new with the highest quality and the latest technology starting from choosing the best raw materials and agricultural crops to produce healthy and safe food and ending with automatic packaging to present the products in a modern and attractive way

Our Goal

is to always be the best in providing our products with the highest quality and in the best form, using modern and advanced technology in safe food production and perfect and modern packaging, so that we always remain at the forefront and leadership in this field.

The company's policies depend mainly on creativity, trust, and providing everything new in the world of entertainment with the best quality and attractive and modern packaging, to always be the perfect choice for all customers and gourmets of all ages in Egypt and all countries of the Middle East.


We export a different variety of products to multiple regions. We always comply with the international standard and destination countries regulations.

Export is a project itself: thus. We have assigned experts, a well educated & dedicated team for this project to provide complete service solutions such as committed delivery date, quality and logistics support to satisfy our partners and end consumers.


Our company always works to ensure the quality of its products and commitment to the prevention of injuries, diseases and environmental pollution in the factory and management of the company.

Implementation of integrated systems and standards for quality management and food safety, which are compatible with the quality certificates we obtained: ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO22000: 2018.

Implementation of quality and food safety standards and management with regard to appropriate manufacturing and storage standards.

Upgrading the skills of employees by providing training courses related to health and food safety issues.

Developing a networking strategy in order to ensure that we provide you with the best product of the highest quality.

Established in 1993

We provide high quality services since 2012


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Lotus For Food Industries

Our Brands

We provide many brands that provide different products under each of them with the best quality